Firstly, I’d like to thank my parents for being such wonderful trail hosts. They put me, their homeless son, up for a few months while I prepared for my trip over to the United States.I had a home but sold it which in-turn brought on my Pacific Crest Trail adventure. Hopefully my parents will feel, as I do, that for the duration of my stay the relationship took on a somewhat symbiotic form. Having said this, I can’t help but feel like I was the one who received the better deal. Mom and Dad, it is my hope that you are a little more settled in you relatively new home.

My parents (Dave and Pam) enjoying a night out on the Gold Coast

It’s strange to think that if all goes well for my brother and I, we will both be away from Australia for a total of seven months. For myself, there are parts of the Gold Coast I will surely miss. Watching the many storms that drift past over the ocean will be one of them. Joining my parents for the occasional dinners out will be another. Then there’s my Mom’s light up reaction when I’d offer to make her one of my special coffees to get the day off to a good start. I wasn’t quiet sure which was worth more, the actual coffee or my Mom’s reaction to having one of my secret recipe coffees personally made for her in the comfort of her home? It’s these small things which make life – well, life – and a life worth living.

We are five minutes from boarding flight VA615 to LAX. All the work is done on the home front. All my brother and I need to do is take a connection flight through to San Diego, pack a few food boxes to see us through for the first 50 days on trail which is roughly a third of the thru-hike. From there I have hopefully worked out the most efficient way to do two things simultaneously. One, to gather food from adequate supply towns, and two, to post part of our gatherings ahead for down-the-trail pickups. I have chosen for the most part, towns which seem hiker friendly as well as their ease of access from the trail. If things work out even close to the plan, we should be in for quite a hike.

It’s a 13hr 5min flight to LA with a short stopover before hopping onto SkyWest Airlines which will see us through to San Diego in no time at all. Now, time for some onboard breakfast and a latest release movie.

We’ll see you there! 🙂

A cold front sweeps it's way north over the Gold Coast
A cold front sweeps it’s way north over the Gold Coast
OMG Kenyon! We had better make the most of this food! One of our favourites (Bobotie), just one of my Mom’s special recipes.
2016.03.23 2 Lighthouse (S)
A salty sunrise develops over Australian shores, my second last training hike for the Pacific Crest Trail.
Ready for the trail!
Training shoes washed and ready for our thru-hike of the USA!
A new day dawns upon our Pacific Crest Trail preparation
A new day dawns upon our Pacific Crest Trail preparation
Half way through the packing and sorting phase
Half way through the packing and sorting phase
There is something to miss about Gold Coast sunrises
What’s not to like about a Gold Coast sunrise?
The lighthouse I hiked out to on many training hikes. An 8 mile return trip.
The lighthouse I hiked out to on many training hikes. An 8 mile return trip.



  1. Wow Goran,
    It was a privilege being your Australian “trail hosts”- no one could imagine the research and work involved preparing for this daunting hike you and Keno are about to embark on.
    Your photo of the impending cold front took my breath away – we pluviophiles are in the grandstand here!
    We’ll miss you hugely and I won’t be functioning on quite the same level without one of your coffee specials to get me up and going!
    Go safely, you two, and have the best time ever! Our thoughts we’ll be with you every step of the way.
    Dave, Pammy & Chipster


    1. We’ve just checked into base here in San Diego! The long haul over from Brisbane to Los Angeles was just that. Our second flight from LAX to San Diego was a short half-hour jet ride providing us both with beautiful views of SoCal below. Everything has gone very smoothly so far. Even our bank account is up and running. Things just happen here.

      There’s a nip in the air here with no signs of rain on the horizon.


  2. I am so happy that you have both arrived safely. You must be so tired I am sure you are relieved that the long flight is over. Thinking of you over there.

    Stay safe.


    1. Yes, after three and a half days into our trip we’re finally over our jet lag. We have met a few PCT hikers at various stores around town who are shopping for food mainly. We can’t wait for the preparation to stop and the hiking to start.


  3. It’s good to hear you arrived safely in San Diego and had no hold-ups at LAX which, despite it’s name, usually takes ages to get through! It’s quiet around here without you – we hope the next phase of food stockpiling goes well!
    We could do with a nip in the air here.

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  4. It’s good to hear you arrived safely and that, despite its name, you got through LAX without the lengthy delays its known for. We hope the next phase of food stockpiling goes according to plan.
    It’s quiet here without you – we could do with that nip in the air with a high of 30C!
    Dad and Pammy


  5. Hey there,
    I will be following your blog as you travel the PCT. I followed an Aussie last year on his trek and loved every step of the way. It is such an let down and thrill when he made it to Canada. I had this “now what am I gonna do” feeling. Then I found your site and I’m gonna walk (vicariously) with you on the PCT. Yea! What time to you think you will arrive at Campo? I may be in the neighborhood that weekend. Have a safe, fun trip.


    1. Hi Karen, great to get your message. It may have been the same Aussie we were both following last year! My brother, Keno, and I will be arriving at Campo around 7:20am. There will be a number of others arriving then too but the numbers will disperse at random intervals. We may see you there? 😉


  6. Sounds like you are off to a good start Goran. Love the photos, particularly the huge selection of shoes, reminiscent of Imelda Marcos Look forward to the next post!


  7. Hi Lindy, we are getting through things here at a consistent pace. No time for rest just yet. Our first mail package is due to be posted by end of today. We are on track.

    It’s questionable at how well Imelda Marcos would do at ultralight hiking. Cutting the heels off her collection would be a fitting start I’d say.


  8. Well, so far it looks like I won’t be able to make it until the afternoon on April 15. However, I cross the trail path in many areas all the way to Kennedy Meadows. I will be following your comments and if I am in your area I would like drop in and say HI! I was following “Shepherd’s” hike last year on the PCT. I met him on the trail about 20 miles into his hike. (geeze I’m starting to sound like a stalker) Anyway thanks for the reply.


  9. Hi Shepherd! Thanks, we plan to start on 15th April so we’ll be in San Diego until then. We’re busy hunting down the last few supply requirements which we’ve found challenging in areas. Good luck for your next challenge. I’m sure you’re ready for it. It’s the toughest of the three. G&K


  10. I’m very envious. You’re even bumping into people I know! (Hi Grey Wolf!) But my adventure awaits on the AT this spring. Here’s a blessing to both your pair of feet!
    – Porsche


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