It’s actually quite an accomplishment to be well prepared for a thru-hike. By well prepared, I mean prepared in all areas which include training, equipment, knowledge of the region and it’s weather, a setup of communications while abroad from family and friends, permits, visa extensions, itineraries, finance for the trip as well as for ongoing home requirements. Covering these aspects takes time, time which one may not have enough of which in-turn leads to prioritising. As time closes in I always find, just as most people would, that my training is the first area of preparation which takes a back seat.

This year was the first year I started without setting New Years Resolutions. I just had too much to do. On the work front, things became incredibly demanding. A couple of extra flights down from the Gold Coast to Sydney were called for which made January through to March an incredibly stressful time. One question kept looming. Would my brother and I be ready for our six month adventure?

It turns out that Keno and I at least had time for one last training hike out to the lighthouse. We’ve been training on our own for months as we live in different states, so hiking with like-minded company really brought on another level of appreciation to training for our long hike ahead. We were now united.

After our hike, the two of us then started packing for two days straight. Fortunately we are flying Delta Airlines who are way more generous than our home grown airlines – allowing us double baggage check-in. Not 23kg’s but 46kg’s each! Plus hand luggage! Sweet Pumpkin Pie! – for two!

With just 25hrs before departure I really shouldn’t be putting this post together but I mainly wanted to share our last few photos from home.

We’ll see you out there!

Keno, looking back on the coastal miles we had just covered.
Keno, looking back on the coastal miles we had just covered.
This lighthouse always reminds me of Cape Reinga - the start of my brothers traverse of New Zealand in 2011
This lighthouse reminds me of Cape Reinga – the start of my brothers traverse of New Zealand in 2011.



    1. Yes! I can’t believe how fast this last week has travelled and I see you made the feature image of this post. Well done!! Thanks for your continuous support and for also deciding to make this adventure a part of your life too. I noticed how much faster the miles ticked over while in your company as opposed to the months I’ve hiked alone. Times like these are best shared!


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